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Moulded Rubber Products

Custom Molded Rubber

Vighnesh Rubbers are in designing and manufacturing custom molded rubber seals and molded rubber components for applications across many industries.  Our team will work with you from product concept, to prototype and design development including rubber compound selection, compression and stack-up recommendations through the ongoing production of precision custom rubber components.
These products can be designed to seal, convey, protect, dampen, insulate, confine and transport. Custom molded rubber products are some of the most versatile and economical components available. We can design and produce rubber products from a large selection of available compounds.
Rubber-to-metal molding is a great deal easier said than done. From a standard metal cleaning process to a proprietary metal scrubbing process, our rubber-to-metal parts come to you with strong reliable bonds.

Custom Molded Rubber

Custom Rubber Seals

Standard tooling components at Vighnesh Rubbers allows for quick response manufacturing and lower tooling costs. Our rubber molding processes are able to hold tolerances to standards set by our customer’s requirement.

Vighnesh Rubbers offers a variety of specialty rubber seals offered in all type of elastomers also in the compounds used in testing applications. Custom rubber seals and non automotive door seals can be designed and manufactured in a range of materials and configurations including thermoset rubber (i.e. EPDM, NBR, FKM), and elastomers to reinforcing substrates including rubber bonded to metal. Also offering internally lubricated custom seals for high wear dynamic applications.

Rubber Seals


Rubber Grommets

Vighnesh Rubbers are into manufacturing of both simple rubber grommets and push button grommets. The rubber pushbutton grommet seals the space in the actuator where the pushbutton is located, protecting the equipment from dust and splashing water.
Vighnesh Rubbers ensured that these molded rubber grommets met the specifications necessary for the customer's application.

Rubber Gourment

Rubber Sealing Washers

Vighnesh Rubbers is the source for rubber gaskets and seals. No matter what the environment or application, Vighnesh Rubbers has the experience to solve your sealing issue. We've even developed special anti-fog compound formulations to ensure gauges and dials stay readable no matter what the temperature or humidity. Because of the critical nature of performance, our design team is available to consult on configurations and materials. Our aid with thoughtful design can also enhance end item appearance.

Rubber Sealing WasherRubber Washer

Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses usually constructed with an inner tube, layer or layers of reinforcement and an outer cover, handle fluid transport and containment in countless products. Rubber hoses has always been a complex part of our business and with design experts on staff we will be able to design and manufacture a rubber hose that will meet or exceed customer expectations.
Our hydraulic hoses are available with single and double wire braided. These hoses are used for various purposes like suction and pressure lines in hydraulic system, streamlines, tier and molding presses, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, fertilizers and refineries. It can be used in the temperature of 210° C. We engineer three types of hydraulic hoses:

- R1 Type:    This is used for hydraulic, air, lubricating oils and crude. It is oil resistant synthetic rubber available with single wire braided, oil and weather resistant rubber in the outer cover.

- R2 Type:    It is oil resistant rubber available with double wire braided, oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber outer cover. It is used for high-pressure hydraulics, which is subjected to high surge peaks.

- R3 Type:    This is used for hydraulics, crude, air and lubricating oil. It is oil resistant synthetic rubber, which is available with double textile-braided reinforcement, oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber that are in outer cover.


Rubber Bumpers

Vighnesh Rubbers partnerships with compound developers enable us to offer a wide array of non-marking bumpers and edge guards. If non-marking is not a requirement, we also have the experience and equipment capable of producing a wide range of profiles out of the most common materials. Our extruders can produce any cross section that will fit inside a 3" circle, and our molding machines are capable of manufacturing designs that don't lend themselves to extruding. Available in black general purpose compounds. Other colours and compounds run on special order. For increased strength, all styles are available with a metal washer embedded at the base of the recess.

Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bellows can be engineered in a number of structures to meet various application requirements. The most common structure is composed of two connectors and a convolution region where the connectors provide the assembly interface and the convolution (bellows) region provides for the design application travel.


Rubber Diaphram

Vighnesh Rubbers is a leader in the design and manufacturing of rubber diaphragms. Diaphragms are a dynamic, high-strength seal that can be activated by as little as 0.01 psi. Vighnesh Rubbers strategic partnerships with multiple material suppliers insure that we can produce a diaphragm that will function in any environment.


Rubber Shrouds

We produce rubber shrouds that are manufactured from different types of polymers. They are normally used as covers on parts which are critical and need protection from electricity, water and dust. Shrouds are flexible types and have good cushioning properties. These are available in different shapes and types depending upon the fitment applications.

Rubber Shrouds
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