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Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical Products

Vighnesh Rubbers is a professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical rubber closures and other pharmaceutical packaging products as well. We have incessantly worked to achieve highest quality pharmaceutical rubber components with clean formulations, world class manufacturing facilities, validated procedures, backed by latest and best quality assurance systems & skilled labour.

Rubber Closures (Stoppers) :


We supply rubber stopper for pharmaceutical industry. Premium quality rubber are used for the production of pharmaceutical rubber stoppers and some of the key features includes-

- Toxic free

- Not reactive to the chemicals inside

- Leak-proof

Available in varies sizes like 13mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 33mm & customised sizes as well a per customers requirement. These rubber closures are in various pharma colours code i.e. Grey, Brown, Black, And Blue and in almost all rubbers like Butyl, Bromobutyl, Chlorobutyl, Nitrile, Silicon, Latex, Chloroprene, SBR, etc
It can withstand high temperature and pressure (though it is recommended for the medicine to be stored in cold places). Our company provides-

- Fabricate products with premier functionality

- Constantly develop new compounds that improve product performance

- Assist you with new product development

Rubber Sleeve Stoppers :

Safe and Easy to Use, Vighnesh Rubbers engineers sleeve stoppers for intravenous drug delivery systems are safe, easy to use and free of natural rubber. They are designed to fit standard IV systems and molded to meet the requirements of the major pharmacopoeias. We experts frequently design custom solutions for more specialized infusion-dispensing needs.

Rubber Gaskets for Aerosol Valves :

We supply the EPDM rubber gaskets, silicone rubber gaskets to laboratory, pharmaceutical, chemical industries with standard molded and custom fabricated stoppers. We mold standard size stoppers with 1 and 2 Holes as well as machine fabricate. Custom molding is always an option. Material used- Standard black SBR rubber, pure gum and green neoprene, silicone and EPDM.
Custom Drilling and Fabrication- We have many hole drill size facilities to custom drill any size stopper according to the clients requirement. We also machine fabricate special size stoppers and stopper gaskets or other machine fabricated rubber parts needed.


Rubber Lined Seals :

Vighnesh Rubbers designed lined seals are ideal for dental cartridges and pen delivery systems, such as those used for injectable insulin. The seal liners are available in a variety of standard rubber formulations. Proper rubber formulation selection is the key to a safe and successful product. When a standard formulation does not meet the needs of a unique application, Vighnesh Rubbers formulation development capabilities are available for custom solutions.

Rubber Lined Seals

Rubber Needle Shields :

Our needle shields fit most standard pre-fill able syringe. They’re free of natural rubber and comply with the major pharmacopoeias. Choosing a standard formulation means fast order fulfilment. For other applications, we experts are eager to help customers with a custom formulation.

Rubber Needle Shields

Rubber Plungers :


Help Maintain Quality of Packaged Drug Products, Vighnesh Rubbers plungers for pre-fill able syringes have the easy, sure feel of precise engineering. Our plunger’s fit prefillable syringes manufactured by all major suppliers and are designed to maintain the quality and safety of the packaged drug product. The plungers achieve superior functional performance for characteristics such as break loose and glide force. Plungers are ISO 11040 compliant. Custom elastomer formulations are available. These syringe plungers can help cut the risk of interaction between drug and plunger, and are delivered ready-to-sterilize or ready-to-use.

Rubber Plungers
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